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#BlogTour The Bad Neighbour by David Tallerman


The Bad Neighbour


David Tallerman

Hello and welcome to my stop on the #BlogTour for The Bad Neighbour by David Tallerman. Massive thanks goes to Anne Cater from Random Things Tours, Flame Tree Press and the author David Tallerman for an ARC of this book to review.

"A crime thriller that's dark and evil that leaves you wondering who are your neighbours and what secrets do they have" 


The Bad Neighbour is a gritty contemporary crime thriller set in the north of England, rooted in the author's personal experience of the region while drawing upon wider issues of racial intolerance, gang crime and police corruption...

When part-time teacher Ollie Clay panic buys a rundown house in the outskirts of Leeds, he soon recognises his mistake. His new neighbour, Chas Walker, is an antisocial thug, and Ollie's suspicions raise links to a local hate group. With Ollie's life unravelling rapidly, he feels his choices dwindling: his situation is intolerable and only standing up to Chas can change it. But Ollie has his own history of violence, and increasingly, his own secrets to hide; and Chas may be more than the mindless yob he appears to be. As their conflict spills over into the wider world, Ollie will come to learn that there are worse problems in life than one bad neighbour....


This is my first book that I have read by David Tallerman, so I went into this one with an open mind. Although from the off I was looking forward to it after reading what this was about and the fact that it was set in Leeds which is different to most other books I read that are set in the UK.

The book started off ok with the normal scene setting and introducing you to the main character Ollie Clay. I found the first quarter or so of the book a little slow if I am to be honest. Not in a bad way, it  just built the story up at a steady pace and because of this you were not hooked straight away.  

Once this period was over though, the book came to life and was jammed packed full of action which had twists here, there and everywhere. The more you read the darker it became and it became clear that you had no clue what secrets where coming on the next few pages and you got to the point where any of the characters could have something to hide. Whilst the first part of book was a bit slow to read the rest I flew through as the pages turned at a very fast rate.

I really liked the characters in this book. Ollie the lead character was great to follow and you knew he had a past, but knew nothing of what he did when he was younger, this gave the so called goody of the book a mysterious feel. Chas the evil next door neighbour was also great to follow. I don't know what it is about baddies in books but they seem so much better and more interesting. It may be just me and my love for Darth Vader the daddy of all baddies but there you go. Chas was a dark and chilling character and you were kept on the edge of the seat as to what he was going to do next.

Overall I really did like this book it was great. If like me it starts a bit slow then please keep with it. If you do like crime thrillers like me I believe you should give it a go and you will not be disappointed..

This book is published on 06 September 2018 and you can buy this on the link below:

About the Author:

David Tallerman is the author of the Digital Fiction Publishing fantasy adventure series The Black River Chronicles, so far comprised of Level One and the Ursvaal Exchange, as well as the novel Giant Thief (described by Fantasy Faction as "one of the finest debuts of 2012") and its sequels Crown Thief and Prince Thief, all published though Angry Robot. His crime debut is The Bad Neighbour published by Flame Tree Publishing

In his spare time, David watches inordinate numbers of movies, hikes, plays board games, and helps in the ethical submission, capture, and resettlement of troveless dragons...

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