Sunday, 17 August 2014

Book Review: Three Little Lies by Melissa Wolff

Three Little Lies
Melissa Wolff
This book was given to me direct from the author Melissa Wolff to read and review for her, which I am extremely grateful for. Big thanks to Melissa.
Three Little Lies is a book about a rebel teenager called Amber Swanson, who is sent to live with her half sister Rebecca in Virginia for the summer. Amber's best friend has gone missing and everyone thinks she has just ran away, even her own parents do not really care. Taking this news really badly, Amber starts to drink, smoke and misbehave, which is why her parents have sent her Virginia. Whilst there she meets Ethan, the mayor's son, a bit of a loner. They grow together in a strange relationship as Amber searches for clues to find out what really happened to her friend as well as a group of women that have also gone missing. 
This book started off a bit slow in my opinion but not in a bad way. It's a fast read,  but I was just a little confused with the story. This however did not last long.  As soon as the first 20 odd pages were finished the story became a lot clearer and intriguing. The book was kept at a quick pace all the way through and had you guessing after each chapter. 
The characters were believable and well written . I really liked Amber the main character a lot. She was moody, brave and just did what she wanted. I also liked Ethan in a way that you actually felt sorry for him. I also felt for Rebecca who runs her own diner with her bad boyfriend. 
As a huge fan of thriller/mystery novels this one had my mind racing as always. What has happened? Who did it? yet again I failed... but I did not mind failing because the ending to this book was just WOW like really WOW. It had me gasping out loud as the story unfolded.
This book is aimed at young adults but I am 34 and loved it.
I scored this book a 4.5 out of 5. It would have been a 5 if the start was a bit clearer for me but then this is just my opinion. Would I read another Melissa Wolff book? Yes I will. I have read that she is writing the sequel to Three Little Lies and can't wait to buy this book. If you are a fan like me of thriller/mystery books then I would recommend this to you.
I would love to know what other people think if they have read the book. Do you agree or not? Let me know.
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