Wednesday, 31 December 2014

My First Year Blogging

My First Year Blogging
So, on the last day of 2014 I look back at my first year blogging and think to myself how proud I am that I started to do this. Now I know this may seem silly to most of you, but the thought of writing down your thoughts and sharing it with the world was and still is a scary thought for me.
Will someone read my blog? Who would want too? Will they laugh at me? Will people think its the worst written blog in the world? These are some of the questions I asked myself and still do sometimes.
The only way to get over a fear in my eyes is to just do it. So I did. I set up my blog and as a lover of reading books I decided to write my own book reviews. Now they may be unhelpful and not very good to most but if just one person enjoys it and does find it helpful then it is worth it to me.
Thank You
I would like to say a few thank yous for getting me started and for peoples help. Firstly To Miss Charley Watkins, Fashion & Beauty blogger ( for pointing me in the right direction and helping me set up my blog. My wife Dawn for proof reading all my reviews before posting them and her help with everything. To Waterstones ( for sending me 4  books (so far) to read and review for their website including my latest book Girl In The Dark by Anna Lyndsey which is not published till March 2015. To Melissa M Wolff for sending me her book Three Little Lies to read and write a review on Amazon US for her, and finally to the people who have read one of my blogs, I really appreciate this.
My Top 5 books of 2014
My top 5 books that I have read this year are listed below:
Book Author
Forgive me, Leonard Peacock Matthew Quick
Gone Girl Gillian Flynn
The Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort
Before I go to Sleep SJ Watson
The Silkworm Robert Galbraith
What is happening in 2015? well books, books & yes you guessed it books. I will be reading some new and some old. I'm sure like most people that read we have around 100 books on our shelves that are unread so I will be trying to read them as quickly as I can.
New for the Blog
I will be adding a new page to my blog in 2015 for guest bloggers to write their own book reviews. so if you have read a book recently and fancy writing a quick review then contact me and I will upload this for you. This is open for everyone whether you blog or not. 
Thanks again.
Speak Soon.


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