Saturday, 26 January 2019

Book Review: Not Very PC by Alan Craig

Not Very PC


Alan Craig

This book was given to me by the author himself for a read and honest review. Massive thanks goes to Alan for this. I did receive this book last year but my life has been very hectic these past 3 months I have not had time to do any blogging so apologies for not keeping up with my reviews. All seems to be a bit calmer now so I shall be catching up in the next few weeks.

"A no holds barred debut crime thriller. Can't wait for the next in the series"


Murder and mystery combined with sexual content and earthy humour in this fast-paced crime thriller set amidst the coastal villages of Fife.

The brutal murder of boatyard owner in a small fishing village sees DS Mark McManus transferred to the Major Investigation Team from his local CID unit.

His attraction to older married women was always going to get him into trouble sometime; probably sooner rather than later when he finds his new boss will be the husband of one of his lovers. 

McManus is teamed up with local officer who knew the victim, a drunken wife-beater and a pervert who preyed on young women. But she carries her own burdens which endangers the investigation.

It seems everyone has something to hide, and McManus soon uncovers sexual connections between the witness, the victim, and members of his own team. Then there is another murder.....


This is Alan Craig's debut novel and is the first in a series called the Mark McManus Murder Mystery Series. As debut novels go, this read like it was the author's 10th. The story flowed greatly and the attention to detail in all aspects of the story showed great knowledge and you could tell a lot of research was taken before writing. 

It was great to read a book set in Scotland that was not directly in Glasgow or Edinburgh (Although Fife is just north of Edinburgh) This was somewhere new and not knowing the area kept me intrigued as to where people were and going.

The characters were really interesting and great to follow throughout the book. All of them had secrets and you could not trust anyone. Even the lead Mark McManus had secrets which was one of the reason why I loved his character. As leads go in crime thrillers you don't want them to be all about their job, you want them to have an edge to them which shows that they are not perfect or boring. Mark was cocky, funny and mysterious. I really can't wait to read the next book in the series and to see what surprises there are with Mark.

The story itself was very dark, gritty and held nothing back. I really found this enjoyable. I don't know what this says about me though. Sometimes the darker the better. From the outside the story was set in a nice local fishing village but really it is full of murder, drugs, sex & hatred..... Ok and more!

If, like me you love crime thrillers I really recommend you give this a go. You can get it cheap on your E-books or if you are like me and want a book to touch, feel but most of all smell, you can buy on paperback.

Have you read this book? what do you think? Do you agree with me at all? Let me know..

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