Saturday, 31 May 2014

Book Review: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Gone Girl
Gillian Flynn

I have been wanting to read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn for a long time now after hearing so many good things about it. I just have not got round to buying it due to the 70 unread books on the shelf. Thankfully my friend Nadine got me this as a secret Santa present this past Christmas. Or.... not so secret Santa as we like to call it where I work.

The story is about a character called Nick Dunne and his wife Amy. Amy suddenly disappears on their fifth wedding anniversary under suspicious circumstances and Nick becomes everyone's number one suspect. The evidence is building up against him and even his own family are starting to wonder.

The books starts off really well and gets straight in the action, after the first chapter your mind starts wondering as to what is going to happen. It is written as though Nick is narrating and you read the book through his thoughts. Then every other chapter you read the thoughts of his wife Amy through her diary entries from the past 7 years. I really like this style of writing which made the book very interesting and enjoyable to read. Each chapter finished on a little cliff hanger and left you guessing what has happened. It also meant you had to read on to find out what happens next which kept the book at a very fast pace throughout. Around half way through the book I had around 3 or 4 scenarios as to how the book was going then boom!! major twist in the tale which made me sit up in bed and say woooaahhh out loud. This is not how I imagined the story going and I had to read on. It did not matter how tired I was this was great story telling and very clever writing. The remainder of the book was even more addictive than the first half and the story took twist after twist all the way to the end. The book was a very enjoyable read.

The characters were very well written and kept to a minimum which I liked. like most books I read the fewer the characters the more in touch with them you become. The two lead roles Nick and Amy were brilliant and were supported very well by Go (Nicks sister) Rand & Marybeth (Amy's parents) and Gilpin & Boney (Police detectives) the other 7 or 8 characters were also written very well and although not in the book as much as the others played major roles.

I scored this book 5 out of 5 and if I could maybe a 6. For me as stated earlier the story telling and writing was pure brilliance. This is my first Gillian Flynn novel I have read and it will not be the last. I fully recommend that you read this book if you have not done so as yet. It says on the back of the book "There are two sides to every story" which I try and live by anyway but after this I will be more so. I know they have just made a film of this book and am really interested as to how they will do this. Like most films I watch after reading the book first I bet I will be disappointed.

I would like to know who else has read this book and what your thoughts are. do you agree with me? Please leave comments if you like to let me know.

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